5 Simple Solutions to the Everyday Injury

Young children at party sitting at table with food smiling

Kids who play get injured, and every child plays. If you encourage your child to be active and to try new things, she will fall down and she will get hurt. Dealing with these injuries often requires nothing more than a bit of attention and tender loving care, but in a pinch a bandage will do.

1. Cold Packs

A visit to the discount store can produce a nice collection of cold packs. You can make boo-boo bunnies, blue ice filled stuffed animals and special shaped characters that live in the fridge and only come out when someone has a bonked head. But having these special cold compresses about makes a potential swelling injury less grievous and it lets your child feel very special as she sits recovering with a pink princess ice pack pressed over her little black eye.

2. Bandages

There are bandages and then there are kid bandages. You might have kept the regular brown bandages or band-aids in your closet before you had kids, but now that you have a little one, you need to honor the gods of childhood with colorful, character band-aids. The next time you’re out, look for at least three boxes of bandages. They will all be used, and it’s nice to have a variety for your child to choose from the next time she has a bit of a scrape or cut. These bandages also come in smaller sizes making them more ideal for your child’s tiny fingers and knees.

3. Kisses

Mummy’s lips have magic not only for Daddy, but for little injuries as well. When someone has a boo-boo, a kiss from Mummy can make it all better. As your child grows, a kiss from Mummy can embarrass your child out of being so gravely injured if she’s crying and carrying on over a small bump or scrape. Kisses usually make Mum feel better, too.

4. Blowing

Not only do Mum’s lips have magic in them, her breath does as well. Rather than kissing every boo-boo, some mums help to blow them away. A little one runs over with a squashed finger. Mum cradles it carefully and then carefully blows the hurt away. She finishes the procedure with a quick kiss and sends the owner of the finger on his way to explore something new. Mum’s super-breath is also a nice addition to hydrogen peroxide. As the liquid from that infamous brown bottle goes to work cleaning up cuts and scrapes, mum is able to blow cold air right on the injury to make it feel better as the wound bubbles and fizzes.

5. Cuddles

Finally, the secret weapon of mums everywhere, closeness and cuddling makes any boo-boo feel better. There is a reason our instinct is to pull the baby into your lap when she falls down. Closeness makes up feel better and having you to hold and hug when something hurts is extremely soothing for a child. Hugging and giving cuddles to a sick or hurt child feels great to parents as they try to make their child feel better and it works well for children who are struggling to get over what ails them – be it a broken fingernail, a stubbed toe or wounded pride.

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