3 Signs You Need a Break

Frustrated Parent

As a parent, you’re always working. It is a twenty-hour job after all, and even the best parent can find herself worn down and ready to pull her hair out if she has to make one more sippy cup or steps on one more block on the way to the bathroom.

Taking a break as a parent is a wonderful idea. It gives you a chance to rest and rejuvenate for the ongoing tasks ahead, and it also allows your children the opportunity to experience care with others. This is especially valuable if you have relatives or a partner who will be watching the children for the afternoon or evening. But even if you have to take a day off work and leave the children with the sitter, taking time for yourself is essential to healthy parenting. You’ll know you’re ready for a break when:

You’re Grouchy

When you feel grouchy all the time regardless of how much you sleep or how well you eat. Sometimes you just feel worn out and run down and that makes you grouchy. Most often you’ll notice it when your children ask you to do something you’d normally enjoy – such as blowing bubbles in the garden, but you’re too morose to even consider it and might even snap at your children to get a moment’s peace.

If you’re becoming a grouch, start with a good night’s sleep and then think about the best ways to clear your mind and take back some time for yourself. Take a fitness class or sign up for a massage. A loud lunch with friends or a happy hour after work might do the trick, as could a day off from work to simply browse the shops and be free from responsibilities.

You’re Tired

Your body and mid can both struggle in the day-to-day chores of parenting. This can lead to a state of both physical and mental exhaustion. Add to this the bad night of sleep and poor diet, and your body and mind are soon running on empty and you can feel that drag in your every day activities. When the idea of sleeping for days at a time becomes appealing, it might be time to exactly that.

Think of how luxurious it would be to simply lay in bed for hours and hours of the day and night. If you’re overly tempted by the dream – make it reality. Ship the kids off to the babysitter for the day and then head back home to crawl back into bed. Bring snacks and a water bottle and you can literally just lie about all day doing nothing but recovering.

You’re Ill

When you’re worn out, even the smallest cold can become a nightmare illness. Your body isn’t able to heal properly because you can’t rest the way you need to and you might not even make it to the doctor due to other duties. When you seem to be getting sick over and over again, you need time away from duty to heal and recover.

Go to the doctor if you need to, and then grab some orange juice and a healthy, hearty meal. Fuel your body properly to heal by eating well and taking a long nap with plenty of vitamins and supplements.

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