Wear Your Hat! A Collection of Wise Words of Mommy Wisdom

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As much as we bucked the truth growing up, it seems mothers were full of wisdom regarding our health. Now, it’s time to transfer that wisdom to our own children in hopes that they will listen better than we did.

Never Leave The House Without a Hat!

In the summer, a hat can protect your skin from damaging sun rays. A nice brim can help to shade your eyes and allow you to see without squinting – a practice that causes wrinkles and poor habits. In the winter, a hat can help you retain warmth. Your body loses a tremendous amount of heat through your head and feet, so keeping a warm hat on your head will in fact, keep you warmer.

Put Your Boots On!

Unattractive though they may be, large boots to protect your feet and legs from the cold rain can help you stay healthy and dry. Your feet help to regulate your body temperature, so keeping them warm and dry helps to keep your body temperature stable. Wet shoes can allow your feet to become chilled. This might not kill you, but it’s certainly uncomfortable and can lead to shivering and other uncomfortable states. Wet shoes and socks also encourage agitation on your feet causing blisters which might become infected by dirty rain water.

Pull or Brush Your Hair Back!

Having your bangs hang in your eyes can actually damage your vision. If you have long bangs constantly obstructing the view from one of your eyes, you can cause that eye to weaken as it is not being kept in shape. If the situation becomes serious enough, you might have to wear a patch over your good eye for a time to allow your now weak eye to strengthen again.

Don’t Leave The House Without a Jacket!

Jackets keep you warm and while your old winter coat might not be your most stylish accessory, if its your warmest on a cold, winter day, wear it. Staying warm keeps your body in check and allows it to function properly. Allowing yourself to get chilled while out can lead to various health concerns.

Don’t Touch Anything!

In public restrooms (and public anywhere, for that matter) you shouldn’t touch anything if you can help it. Don’t set your bag down on the floor of the restroom and try not to touch anything with your bare hands. Take care of business and then wash and scrub your hands thoroughly. Use a paper towel to turn off the water and avoid the air blowers as those might blow more germs onto your hands than just shaking them to remove excess moisture.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It takes more than a single apple each day to meet your nutritional requirements, but an apple a day can help you feel better. Apples have vitamin C which helps fight off colds, at least psychologically. The apple also have many other vitamins and nutrients, but perhaps most health inducing of all, the skin of the apple is full of healthy, natural fiber. This fiber helps keep your system regular. Thus you avoid stomach aches, constipation, cramping and the other ailments that come with irregular bowels.

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