10 Tips for a Day Trip


When you take your children on a day trip, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared. There are always shops along the way for the most part, but having to stop with children in the car makes it challenging. To avoid as many stops and troubles as possible along the way, plan ahead and stay flexible.

1. Pack Snacks

Even when you plan to stop and have a real meal somewhere, you’ll likely wind up needing snacks and juice along the way. Be sure you have a bag of snacks ready to go when you’re stuck in traffic or caught between two villages. Juice boxes and bottles of water are other essentials you’ll likely want to have along the way.

2. Bring a Stroller or Backpack

Toddlers love to walk and explore and you can likely take the little ones out without a stroller most of the time, but there are always times when someone needs a break, needs to eat a snack, drink a juice box or take a nap, and you’ll want to have something available for that situation. An umbrella stroller takes up very little space in the boot of the car or under the seats. You’ll have it available any time you need it and never have to worry about having a whiny toddler with no way to get her back to the car except for carrying her long distances.

3. Bring Dry Clothes

A trip anywhere can be at risk for rain, but there seem to be wet parks at many locations now. Sprinklers, fountains and even drinking water fountains can get your child wet. You might bring a pair of dry clothing for yourself as well as you’ll likely become the human umbrella in the event of rain. When you do pack a change of clothing, include socks and dry underpants as well.

4. Check Your Diaper Station

If you have a bag in the car or in your diaper bag, check where you normally keep your diapers and wipes to be sure that you have plenty ahead of time. Diapers are a given, but a full container of wipes is a good idea, too as these can be used to cleaning faces, hands and surfaces when you sit down to sit. They can be used for diaper changes and emergency crayon scrubbing as well.

5. Include Cash

Today is a world run on credit, but leaving home without cash for a full day trip can be problematic. Many of the vendors that ring local attractions such as zoos or parks don’t take credit and not only do you want to be ready to pay for ice cream and balloons, you’ll want to be sure you have money for tips and taxis as the need arises.

6. Wear Walking Shoes

If your closet it full of beautiful shoes, pass them by in lieu of shoes with support and comfort. They can be attractive athletic shoes or just trainers, but it is far more likely that you’ll wind up carrying an extra thirty pounds of toddler than wishing you’d worn cuter shoes as you walk along a path in the woods.

7. Include Bug Spray

Bug spray is something you tend to forget, and it can be hard to find in a petrol station. But when bugs are in high season, you don’t want to spend your time slapping them away instead of playing and having a good time with your family. Bug spray is available as wipes and a powder spray now in addition to the original versions to make it easier to apply to younger family members.

8. Find Sun Protection

The sun can damage skin even if it’s cloudy outside. Include a hat for all members of the family and be sure to lather up everyone with sunscreen to keep the harmful rays a way. If you’re heading to the beach, pack an umbrella to provide some shade and don’t forget sunscreen on the tops of ears and feet.

9. Pack Towels and Blankets

In the back of the car, throw in a few extra towels and a blanket or two. These are universally useful no matter where you end up on your trip. You can have a picnic, create your own changing table, dry off after a trip to the beach, keep seats dry after a trip to the pool or snuggle up for a nap on the way home.

10. Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Car trips can be long, so to keep everyone happy, including the driver, be sure to include some music, audio books and paper and colors for drawing in the back seat. You might hope for those in the backseat to take a nice long nap, but don’t count on it. Bring something along for entertainment. Even if you don’t use it, you’ll be glad you have it along.

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